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Starodworskie Lake

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Starodworskie lake lies within the campus Kortowo on the premises of the University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM). On the western edge of the reservoir stand dormitories, therefore, in the warmer months the students can be frequently found in here preparing for classes or enjoying the beauties of nature. The eastern part of the coastline belongs to the horse riding club of UWM. This small reservoir (about 7ha) can be walked around entirely despite the lack of an indicated route in about 30 minutes. The lake has one outflow which is located in the northern part. This is an artificial canal connecting it with Kortowskie Lake. Starodworski Lake with a maximum depth of 23.3m has been the UWM’s experimental reservoir. Aimed at the reclamation of natural water tanks, various treatments are tested in here such as aeration of the lower layer of water while removing thermal stratification. This method was first used in Poland precisely in this lake.

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