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Skanda Lake

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Skanda Lake lies on the south-eastern outskirts of the city, in the neighbourhood of the Mazury district (Osiedle Mazurskie). Due to the proximity of the districts known as “bedroom communities” (sypialnie Olsztyna), Olsztyn enjoys considerable popularity. The beaches, walking paths, fishing and great views invite one enticingly to visit.

The lake occupies about 55ha, and its depth reaches 12m. The reservoir is 1.2km long and 0.7km wide. It is characterized by a fairly developed coastline with bays and peninsulas. There is also an island on the lake with an area of 13ac. Next is the peninsula which, during times of thaws, becomes a large island. The lake willingly reveals its advantages for those who want to rest on a few small wild beaches or two large ones – grassy and sandy.

In 2001 the grassy beach, located on the northern edge of the lake, gained the status of a public lido. And the sandy one tempts with its steep cliff leading up to the forest, which offers a splendid view of the reservoir. The scenic path among the trees goes around almost the entire lake.

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