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Bartąg Lake

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Jezioro Bartąg

This lake is located several hundred metres from the southern border of Olsztyn, in the Commune Stawiguda. It covers an area of approx. 72 ha, with a maximum depth of 15.2 m and its coastline is 4.4 kilometers long. From the northern side, the lake adjoins the residential areas that are the administrative part of the village of Bartąg, and from the south – the village of Bartążek. Due to this last neigbourhood, the lake is very often called Bartążek. During summer, the southern shore of the lake has a functioning guarded bathing area.

Thanks to the preservation of its original character, this body of water is popular among the residents from the nearby districts of Olsztyn and tourists who want to enjoy the quiet and calm relaxation if offers. The lake is easily accessible, since it blends into an open, agricultural landscape. The few surrounding buildings do not disturb the relaxing mood, and nearby one can find agritourism farms and various private accommodation which offers a night's lodging.

Several metres from the shore, the bottom of the lake is sometimes sandy and the coastline is almost fully covered with aquatic vegetation. There are also some trees growing around the lake. The lake is the natural habitat for many species of fish. Thus, it is quite popular among anglers. Along the eastern shore leads a picturesque alley of old lime trees and maples. The surrounding lands are also good for recreation, since they are perfect for bike trips and some longer walks.

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