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Olsztyn – Łajs cycling trail (red)

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A trip through this red-marked trail will lead us to the southern edge of Warmia and its historical border with Masuria. The 21-kilometer trail allows one to feast one's eyes on the beautiful views to before being introduced into the wealth of the Puszcza Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest. Half of the route leads via asphalt roads, and the other half via dirt roads. The trail starts at Pstrowskiego Street, which leaves the city just behind the Osiedle Mazurskie district and leads towards Szczytno through Klewki. The first 6 km lead along the national road No. 53, but it is worthwhile to endure through the high traffic. The trail ends in Łajso, a village located between the lakes of Łajskie and Kośno. The second lake has been taken under protection as the "Kośno Lake" nature reserve. The historical border between Warmia and Masuria, with its range of Catholicism and Protestantism, has been commemorated in the form of "The Border of Unity". The two lands were symbolically divided by a toll-gate and a sentry box. In 1466-1772, it was also the borderline between the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the State of the Teutonic Order (since 1525 the Duchy of Prussia and since 1701 – the Kingdom of Prussia).

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